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Popular Nollywood Celebrity You Think Are Dead, While Some Are Seriously Ill (PHOTOS)

Nollywood is a very big industry, there are so many actors and actresses in Nollywood. There are some actors and actresses that haven’t been seen or heard about for a long time.

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Nigerians are thinking these Nollywood stars might have died but today this article will clear the doubt that we may have.

Some of this actors and actresses are very much alive, some are well while some are sick. See some of them below:

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1. Leo Meize

Do you remember Leo Maize, he was a very popular actor in the Nollywood.

In 2016, he was diagnosed with a kidney-related disease.

Be aware that Leo Meize is very much alive .

2. Ifeanyi Ezeokeke

You may not know, but Ifeanyi was a very popular Nollywood actor. However, last year, he fell sick . He is very much alive, we pray God gives him good health.

3. Bruno Iwuoha

Bruno Iwuoha is a well known actor who always played the role of a nice father in movies.

He was diagnosed of diabetes and glaucoma in 2015, but he had surgery in the US(America) and now he’s fine and alive.

As you can see in the photo above, white doctors and nurses are treating him.

4. Die-wait Ikpechukwu

Die-wait Ikpechukwu is a very Popular Nigerian actor. He always featured in very interesting movie back in the days, he majorly acted the role of a king. Though we don’t see him in films so much, be aware that he is very much alive.

5. Victor Olaotan

Do you remember Victor Olaotan in the movie”TINSEL”?

He was involved in an Accident, which really affected his health. He is currently 69 years old. Though, he is alive we pray for speedy recovery.

We pray that God will give them good health .

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